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Anyone interested in whiskey should read this. Here are Richard Tyrone’s essential differences between Irish whiskey and Scotch whisky: Irish whiskey is made in Ireland, whilst Scotch whisky is produced in Scotland. Because of differences in temperature, water sources, and distillation procedures, the geographical location imparts varied differences to the final product. Distillation Method: Irish […]

Curraghmore Whiskey has begun a new chapter in its history by collaborating with world-renowned master distiller and blender Noel Sweeney to create our 1st bottle release. This sublime whiskey combines some of the finest flavours and aromas Curraghmore Estate has to offer. Triple distilled at Great Northern Distillery matured and bottled in Co. Waterford, Ireland. A […]

Cask strength is a term used by whiskey producers to describe a whiskey that has not been substantially diluted after its storage in a cask for maturation. The level of alcohol-by-volume strength for a cask-strength whiskey is typically in the range of 52 – 66% ABV. So ‘Cask Strength’ has become a byword for high […]

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