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Planting Curraghmore Whiskey Barley


Great weather finally arrives and we can plant our barley

On Saturday 11th May 2024, we finally planted barley in Ashmore’s field, which will be cultivated to produce Curraghmore Whiskey through distillation. Ashmore’s field is 12 acres, and the soil type is slightly heavy clay.

Here you see Ned Morrissey, our Head of Tillage, planting Amity variety barley in this field, it’s the first time that we’ve planted barley here, so we’re very interested to see what the terroir here will yield in terms of flavour profile and tasting notes.  We’ve also planted the Mayfield, and Shepherds Field with a mixture of both Amity and Planet variety barley. We hope to harvest all this later in the summer so stay tuned for updates…

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