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  Great weather finally arrives and we can plant our barley On Saturday 11th May 2024, we finally planted barley in Ashmore’s field, which will be cultivated to produce Curraghmore Whiskey through distillation. Ashmore’s field is 12 acres, and the soil type is slightly heavy clay. Here you see Ned Morrissey, our Head of Tillage, […]

An exciting project is underway at Curraghmore – we are making whiskey casks from oak grown here at Curraghmore Estate. These naturally felled oaks have been part of the Curraghmore Estate story for many years, so we thought it was fitting, and sustainable, to use these oaks to create casks in which we will age […]

The Malting Process Barley malt is the cornerstone of Whiskey production.  However, newly harvested barley grains can’t be processed into Whiskey straight away – The starch contained within the barley grain must first be converted into sugar before the yeast can start fermentation; this breaking down of starch into sugar is called ‘Malting’. Malting consists of 3 main steps: Steeping the Barley Germinating the Barley Kilning th

Cask strength is a term used by whiskey producers to describe a whiskey that has not been substantially diluted after its storage in a cask for maturation. The level of alcohol-by-volume strength for a cask-strength whiskey is typically in the range of 52 – 66% ABV. So ‘Cask Strength’ has become a byword for high […]

This is our Gangway Spring Barley, which we think is great malting barley, and it’s coming along really nicely – it’s turning a lovely golden colour and it’s filling nicely… you can see each ‘bud’ is getting nice and plump as it fills with nutrients. We anticipate that this will be ready to harvest in […]

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