Curraghmore Whiskey Casks

January 2023

The Malting Process Barley malt is the cornerstone of Whiskey production.  However, newly harvested barley grains can’t be processed into Whiskey straight away – The starch contained within the barley grain must first be converted into sugar before the yeast can start fermentation; this breaking down of starch into sugar is called ‘Malting’. Malting consists of 3 main steps: Steeping the Barley Germinating the Barley Kilning th

Cask strength is a term used by whiskey producers to describe a whiskey that has not been substantially diluted after its storage in a cask for maturation. The level of alcohol-by-volume strength for a cask-strength whiskey is typically in the range of 52 – 66% ABV. So ‘Cask Strength’ has become a byword for high […]

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