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Selecting a tree for coopering - is this oak tree suitable for a whiskey cask? Curraghmore Whiskey

Is this oak tree suitable to make a whiskey cask?

Here Richard, Curraghmore Whiskey MD, meets with Paddy Purser, Forest Consultant, to discuss the possibilities of using a 200-year oak tree that fell in a recent storm, as a potential cask for maturing whiskey.

What makes a tree suitable for cooperage? Paddy chats about 2 key elements: 

  • Straight Fissures
  • Absence of Knots

We would love to use any storm-felled Irish oak from our broadleaf woodlands to process into casks to mature our single-estate whiskey in. We believe in creating a sustainable future for our whiskey project and to achieve this we have committed to planting double the number of trees that get lost in this way.

In the spirit of the single estate – it truly will be a single estate whiskey if it’s maturing in a 200-year-old oak cask from this very tree from Curraghmore!

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