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Discovering De Le Poer Tower: A Hidden Gem on Curraghmore Estate

Welcome to a journey through time and history at the De Le Poer Tower on Curraghmore Estate. This tower isn’t just a structure; it’s a story of love, loss, and legacy that reaches out through the ages.

A Tower Built from Love and Loss

In 1785, George de la Poer Beresford, the second Earl of Tyrone, built this tower to remember his son Marcus, his niece, and his close friend. The tower, with its unique stone design and a special plaque, tells us about the tragic loss of young Marcus in a horse riding accident and the deep sadness of his tutor, Charles Poliere de Botens, who passed away soon after.

A Unique Design in Nature

The De Le Poer Tower is an architectural wonder. It’s round, with walls that get narrower towards the top, and it stands on a base that looks like it’s bulging under its weight. The tower has large stones and small windows that add to its old-world charm. Inside, there’s a spiral staircase made of granite. If you’re up for it, climb to the top for an amazing view of the countryside.

Unfinished but Perfect

The tower was supposed to be 120 feet tall, but it stopped at 70 feet. This unfinished look makes it even more special, like a symbol of a life that ended too soon. It’s a powerful reminder of how precious life is and how memories last forever.

Our Family’s Promise to Keep History Alive

For us at Curraghmore Whiskey, the De Le Poer Tower is a symbol of our promise to keep history alive. It shows our commitment to remembering our past and keeping the stories of our ancestors alive. This tower is more than an important part of our local area; through this story, we hope it becomes a source of inspiration for everyone. Life and family are precious – let this tower be a daily reminder to cherish them both.

Step Back in Time

Visiting the De Le Poer Tower is like walking into history. Each stone and step tells a story from the past. When you reach the top after climbing 92 steps, you’re not just seeing beautiful views. You’re connecting with the people who lived here long ago.

A Tribute to Our Roots and Future

The De Le Poer Tower is more than just a historical site. It’s a reminder of where we come from and a symbol of hope for the future. At Curraghmore Whiskey, we’re proud to make drinks that honour our heritage. We also promise to protect the stories and buildings that are part of our identity. The De Le Poer Tower is a big part of our history and who we are.

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