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A Year in Review 2023

A Monumental Year at Curraghmore Whiskey

2023 has been a landmark year for Curraghmore Whiskey, filled with innovation, collaboration, and celebration. As we reflect on this incredible journey, we invite you to join us in revisiting the milestones that have shaped our year.

February: The Genesis of a Unique Cask

Our year began with Richard Tyrone and Paddy Purser discussing an extraordinary project: transforming a 200-year-old fallen oak tree into bespoke whiskey casks. This endeavour not only symbolises our commitment to sustainability but also our dedication to crafting a truly unique whiskey experience.  The casks will be crafted from Curraghmore Oak, ensuring that in the future, they will mature Curraghmore Whiskey, thereby creating a truly unique single estate product.

A Curraghmore Love Story

In February, we shared a heartwarming Curraghmore love story on our socials, connecting our heritage with those who cherish our whiskey. Read the story here.

March: Embracing the Digital Age

We announced the sale of casks through the Momint platform, a testament to our forward-thinking approach in embracing new technology in the whiskey industry.


April: Collaboration with a Master

Our collaboration with master distiller and blender Noel Sweeney was announced, marking a significant step in refining our whiskey’s quality and flavour profile. Noel is one of Irelands most experienced and recognised whiskey producers.


Historical Connections

Curraghmor’s historian Julian Walton visited the estate and brought to life the rich history of the local Power family, intertwining our whiskey with the deep-rooted stories of our region.


May: From Barley to Bottle

We shared the journey of our Curraghmore barley, transforming it into Ireland’s only Waterford-grown whiskey. This process, from planting to harvesting, was meticulously overseen by Ned, our dedicated farmer. We also announced our partnership with Ardara Distillery for our inaugural release, a collaboration that speaks volumes about our commitment to quality.

The Earl of Tyrone, Richard de la Poer Beresford, CEO of Curraghmore Whiskey pictured with Ned Morrissey, Dunhill, Co Waterford who is Head of Tillage at Curraghmore Estate, Portlaw, Co Waterford.

Celebrating Local Heritage

Richard’s conversation with Julian Walton and a toast to Waterford’s finest historian highlighted our deep connection to local culture. We also started taking pre-orders for our inaugural release in May, pledging to plant a tree for every bottle sold, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.


June: Whiskey Maturation and Agricultural Insights

June was marked by our collaboration with WD O’Connell, filling ex-bourbon casks with our single estate pot still whiskey. We also showcased the thriving barley fields, giving you a glimpse into the agricultural side of our whiskey production.


July: Milestones and Celebrations

July was a whirlwind of activity, starting with a symbolic hike to Coumshingaun, carrying bottle number 1 to the peak of Waterford. The launch of our e-commerce store and the sale of our bottles were celebrated with a video from Noel Sweeney, marking a significant milestone in our journey.


The Launch Party and Bottling

Our launch party was a culmination of years of patience and dedication, leading up to the release of our liquid onto the market. This event was not just a celebration but a testament to our vision of creating a flagship style of Curraghmore Whiskey. The support from industry veterans like John Teeling and Noel Sweeney, as well as the Waterford Whiskey Society, was invaluable in this journey.

Expanding Our Reach

Our partnership with Mitchell and Sons wine merchants and other local off-licences expanded our retail presence, a testament to the growing demand for our whiskey. Richard Tyrone’s interview on The Hot Desk at WLR HQ further amplified our local engagement.


August: Festival Highlights and Environmental Commitment

In August, we announced our first tasting at Ireland’s best music festival held on the grounds of Curraghmore Estate. The All Together Now festival kicked off with a packed tent for one of our finest tastings, coupled with a weekend of celebration and dancing.

September: Agricultural Roots and New Ventures

We joined Ned and his son Eamon in grain cultivation, a hands-on experience that connects us to our agricultural roots. The announcement of three new single cask whiskies and the launch of more group cask memberships marked new highs for us.


October: International Recognition and Community Engagement

Our inaugural release received glowing reviews from Whiskey Magazine. A visit to New York saw Richard hosting an evening of the finest foods paired with our various single estate casks of whiskey.


November: Innovation and Exploration

The launch of our single estate casks programme and the hike to the top of Del Le Poer Tower were symbolic of our continuous exploration and innovation in whiskey making. We also announced our interview with The Irish Farmers Journal, inspiring our ‘Spirit of Innovation’ blog (The Spirit of Innovation).


December: EIIS Programme Launch and The Whiskey Nerd Review

In December, we launched our EIIS programme with the aim of raising funds to expand our business operations in 2024. This strategic move is set to propel Curraghmore Whiskey into new realms of success and innovation. Additionally, we were thrilled to receive a fantastic review from The Whiskey Nerd, who shared a comprehensive grain-to-glass video, further cementing our reputation in the whiskey world.

A Year of Gratitude

As we conclude this remarkable year, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us. Your enthusiasm and appreciation have been the driving force behind our success.

2023 has been a year of growth, collaboration, and community at Curraghmore Whiskey. We look forward to continuing this journey with you, crafting exceptional whiskey that celebrates our heritage and innovation.

Keep an eye out for our New Year’s Eve newsletter for some exciting announcements for 2024. We have much in store and can’t wait to share it with you.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

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