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Mark Feehan

May Stokes returning after maternity leave to take over the role of Marketing and Sales Manager from Mark Feehan.

By Richard Tyrone

As we approach the end of another year at Curraghmore Whiskey, it’s a fitting moment to pause and reflect on the individuals who have helped shape our journey. Today, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Mark Feehan for his marketing contributions and warmly welcome back May Stokes from her maternity leave.

Mark Feehan has been our marketing and sales manager from March to December 2023. With a career spanning over two decades in sales and marketing, Mark’s transition from a marketing freelancer to launching his own agency is a testament to his expertise and entrepreneurial spirit.

Mark’s creative insights and strategic thinking have been crucial in navigating the complexities of marketing surrounding the launch of our Inaugural Release. His ability to blend innovative marketing strategies has not only enriched our brand but also supported us beyond our projected sales for 2023. We wish him the very best in his venture to set up his own marketing agency. I highly recommend you check out his website when it launches in February 2024.

In the same breath, I am delighted to welcome back May Stokes from her maternity leave. May’s return brings a renewed energy and expertise to our team.May started our marketing journey in Q3 of 2022 and she will be picking up from the great work of Mark Feehan. Her extensive experience in media and marketing, spanning over 20 years, is incredibly diverse. May has honed her skills across various roles in luxury brand account management and marketing, working in digital, print, and radio in cities such as Dublin, London, Sydney, Kilkenny, and Cashel. Her ability to manage brands across a wide range of sectors is unparalleled.

May’s enthusiasm for the Curraghmore Whiskey brand is both evident and infectious. Her skill in bringing our brand’s story to life is exceptional. As she returns from welcoming her son Patrick, we are excited about the fresh perspectives and ideas she brings for the year ahead. May’s vision for 2024 is filled with innovative strategies that promise to elevate Curraghmore Whiskey to new heights.

Outside of work, May’s interests are as varied as they are enriching. Her love for hiking, travel, exploring new culinary delights, and her addiction to podcasts not only add depth to her life but also bring a unique flair to her professional approach, enabling her to connect with our audience in a more meaningful way.

May Stokes

Looking ahead to 2024, with May’s expertise and the solid foundation laid by Mark, we are poised for a year of growth and success at Curraghmore Whiskey.

In closing, I extend my sincere thanks to Mark Feehan for his invaluable contributions and a hearty welcome back to May Stokes as she rejoins the team.

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