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Our Story

Our story

A single estate since 1167

Anglo-Norman invasion

The story begins over 850 years ago with the Anglo-Norman invasions of Wales and Ireland


Curraghmore estate

Four Norman Knights sailed with the mighty warrior Strongbow to seize land in the southeast of Ireland. One of the brothers, Sir Roger Le Puher, captured the land known as Curraghmore.


Building Bridges

Curraghmore is home to the oldest bridge in Ireland. It was built to enable King John’s safe passage over the River Clodiagh. King John never arrived, but the structure lasts to this day and is used daily.


Making hay (barns)

Architect William Tinsley commissioned by the 5th Marquis of Waterford built three impressive hay barns and grain lofts in circa 1840


Barns at Curraghmore Estate

The Mad Marquis

Our ancestor, The Mad Marquis, was known for many exploits, including painting the town of Melton Mowbray (and one of its constables) with red paint. Coining the phrase ‘painting the town red’.

1811 - 1859

Mad Marquis Curraghmore Whiskey

Raising a glass

The house has always had a social spirit, as seen is this rare image taken during a party in the formal gardens at Curraghmore House.


Garden Party at Curraghmore House

Barley Cultivation

Ned Morrisey, head of cultivation at Curraghmore begins seeding our premium malting barley


Ned Morrisey, Head of Tillage, Curraghmore Estate

first casks produced

The very first casks of Curraghmore are laid down for maturation for a select few Curraghmore Whiskey Members


Plans mature

Plans are drawn up for the new Curraghmore distillery, to be housed in the 18th Century hay barns on the estate.


Curraghmore Whiskey Distillery Plans

Pot still design

Curraghmore partners with industry veterans to design the all-important handmade copper pot stills.


Copper Stills


Curraghmore embarks on partnering with investors to bring the dream into reality


Curraghmore Whiskey Casks

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